About us

Ideapipes is a cutting-edge pipe brand. The founder Mr. Shao Zhixiu entered this field in 2010. Initially, he simply imported and sold the briar wood and related accessories from Europe to China. At around three or four years of development, the company gradually began to step into the finished pipe market, and registered the trademark of Ideapipes in Italy and China. Until 2021, all Ideapipes pipes were from Italian foundries. With the accumulation of experience and technology, coupled with the already established supply chain, Mr. Shao Zhixiu decided to formally produce the products himself. Ideapipes adopts the world's most advanced CNC five-axis numerical control machining technology, which realizes front-end production automation, precision, and error control within 0.02mm. With the cooperation of many pipe factories in the world, we have also learned a lot of post-processing methods, which help to manufacture the product with exceptional quality. At the end of 2022, Mina Li, Mr. Shao Zhixiu's wife, officially established the Mina Pipes studio, being registered in Italy and China at the same time. This brand mainly focuses on freestyle pipes. Because of the abundance of raw materials, Mina Pipes can choose better quality briar wood with more beautiful wood grain, and then combine the wood grain to make an excellent freestyle Pipe.